Cognizant Interview questions

I) Cognizant interview questions



CRITERIA: 60+ aggregate and no live kt



Aptitude test:

Cognizant interview’s Questions on aptitude  were just like any other XYZ company.Mostly questions were on :


2)data interpretation

3)logical question

Interview round:

After clearing the easy Cognizant interview Questions aptitude round,it was time for something like one-to-one talking!!! This is something which everyone dreads of!!! But don’t worry!Think of the interviewer as just your external viva examiner and answer him!

Those shortlisted were called for interview round.

Cognizant interview questions were both technical as well as logical!So be prepared!Use your right as well as left brain! ;)

Cognizant interview questions were as follows!!!

The interviewer was friendly, introduced himself and described his work in cognizant.

Cognizant interview questions were as follows!!!!:

1)      Like any other interview, he started  by asking me to introduce myself and my hobbies.

2)       He tried to make me comfortable by asking me which genre of books do I read because I had mentioned reading as one of my hobbies.

3)      The very next question asked to me was that why did I choose an IT job profile over core as I was a student of electronics.

4)      He moved on to technical questions like basics of OOP, linked list, abstraction etc.

5)      Questions based on pointers, data structures, strings, functions were also asked by the interviewer. I was also given a puzzle to be solved.

A piece of advice: Be thorough with data structures, C/C++ and java.

All the best for your future!!!!!!


II) Cognizant Interview Questions:

If you are planning for cognizant than patience is the most important criteria:Don’t expect them to give you quick reviews of your interview.They may even make you wait for a month or so.

It might happen that you would have been appointed by another company(:P)

Cognizant is basically a technical company. So  all those technical geeks stand a chance.


My  Cognizant interview was as follows:


First Round(Aptitude test):

Aptitude test consisted mainly of quantitative, verbal and data interpretation questions:

1)      Verbal questions were inclusive of articles, grammatical correction questions, tense ,etc.

2)      Quantitative questions were mainly mathematics questions where in your speed of obtaining answers in minimum required steps is examined.

3)      Interpretation questions were comparatively easier. Here graphical representations were given on market analysis and we were supposed to come up with best possible solution.


Students were shortlisted. And those selected had to appear for two interviews.

One was technical and one HR.

First Interview(Technical):

Technical interview would go well if you are thorough with C/C++,Java and Data Structures.

1)      Give me an example of data types? (but they use a different word for it so be ready)

2)      How many files can be declared in CL and SYNON

3)      Give real world examples of different types of data structures.

4)      Describe database tuning

5)      Describe Informatica Performance Tuning process


Second Interview(HR):

HR or behavioral was more to relax. Behavioral is all about you.

1)      Why do you want to work at cognizant.

2)      What do you do on your free time.

3)      What are you passionate about?

4)       What are your experiences in teams and how do you problem solve?

5)      How do you deal with teams?

6)      describe in brief about your past project

Fairly simple if you’re honest on your resume. We basically went over my entire resume and I explained each experience as well as my technical skills. The questions they asked were not there to “trip you up” they just want to know more about you; and to see if you are a personable individual who could potentially be a good consultant.


All the best!!!!!!And Don’t panic !


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